Shooting has been a passion of mine for a long time now, I am very much a “social shooter”, I enjoy it for the shooting obviously but I also love the banter and the camaraderie that comes with it. There are shooters that take it so much more seriously than I do, and that can be fun and exciting to watch.

Once a year I help out with a Charity Clay Shoot near Chesham and Aylesbury, in aid of a fund for local schools that enables ALL kids to go on school trips, rather than just those that can afford it. We always get some VERY competitive local shooters along, and with some very challenging targets by Roger Hance Sporting Guns, there is always good sport to be had.

I am normally there just to assist set up and to operate traps and record scores for the shooters, but this year I took the gear with me to get some photographs of the event. Being part of the organising team and having more freedom than most I was able to try out some ideas for some good photographs. Safety is paramount of course on a shoot, and you should NEVER go forward of the guns when they are shooting, but I had a trick up my sleeve which I was able to try out.

I was able to set up a remote camera in front of the guns that would enable me capture the action from both angles – from the rear to capture the “hit” and from the front to capture some of the shooting action from the shooter themselves. Mostly with shooting photography, action shots are restricted to shots from the rear or the side and so you may never see the shooters face. With this set up though, I was free to capture the action from all angles, providing a much more interesting result.

I am pleased with the results I got yesterday and I am looking forward to trying the kit out again soon, for more and more clay shoots – public, private or corporate.

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