_1JF6888“Every Picture Tells A Story”


Some stories are less obvious than others, but this is my chance to tell you how key pictures, selected by me, came to be and the stories behind them.

Hopefully you will be able to see these pictures in a different light.


The Story Behind The Picture #4

The Story Behind The Picture #4 - Vinales Cuba 2016, on a day trip to the Vinales Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We were told of a viewpoint that would give us the most fantastic view of the unique rock formations that make up this corner of Cuba's tobacco...

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The Story Behind the Photograph #3

Trust & Loyalty The third in my "Story Behind ..." series features an image from a recent outing on one of my Over & Sporting Photography (Game Shooting) commissions. This is a good example of how the message of the image may not be completely obvious from the...

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The Story Behind The Photograph #2: Children

  What is it they say? Never work with children or animals? You know how it is with children, they behave brilliantly all day, they are a joy to be around when they are happy, but then the moment the camera comes out ... all hell breaks loose!! Well, that's kind...

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The Story Behind The Photograph #1

"Mother & Son" I was in Brittany, France back in 2009. I had not been to France for many years so it was a voyage of discovery for me. The one thing that struck me was the number of beautiful, and often ancient, Roman Catholic churches there were and the...

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