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Image Restoration & Re-Touching

Image Restoration

We all have a bunch of negatives or slides that we have had stashed away and never get to look at. Old photographs, tend to get overlooked and never enjoyed. Would it not be easier to have those pictures on your computer? So that you can share them all over again? (Facebook wasn’t around when you first took them!!) What about those pictures that are part of your history? You know those old faded pictures that gran left to you. Tucked away, going a bit brown, dog-eared maybe, or perhaps torn or damaged.

Have those images brought back to life to share with another generation. Let me scan them with my high resolution scanner, perhaps titivate them, repairing blemishes and damages, and restoring their colour.


Even if you already have digital images (jpegs etc) that you would like corrected, improved, re-touched in any way, send them to me for that special touch.

To Send Me Your Electronic Files:

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