What is it they say?

“Never work with children or animals, or anyone who’s had one too many cider and blacks” (OK, so I added the last one in!)

Well I have managed all three in the last couple of weeks, so I reckon I might just have proved them wrong! Hard work, but jolly good fun – here’s how it was …..


“Puppy Photoshoot? Of course I can that will be fun!!”

9 puppies, one proud, if not a little tired and fed up, Mum – Gin and her pups were a delight. There was a grand plan for the shoot, I had loads of ideas for some set pieces, but then the pups woke up!!! All plans went out of the window and we just “winged it” The pups are all in their new homes now, and soon some souvenir pics will be heading their way also.



Pet portraits are always a bit of an unknown entity, so perhaps I should learn not to plan anything in the future, and just go with the flow!!







The Butterfly Ball (in memory of Imogen), The Park Inn, Northampton

Good fun was had by all at this enormous event. 420 guests descended on the Park Inn to raise lots of money in a good cause at this inaugural event.




There were grown ups ….











There were big kids ….









There were little kids ….


And then, as the spirits flowed, there was ….

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