We live a new digital age, great quality consumer digital cameras are so easily accessible nowadays that sometimes it is easy to think “I can do that”. As a business owner I guess you probably have access to the backend of your website, so taking and uploading your own pictures is easy, childsplay even.

After all, it hasn’t cost you anything. Has it?

Are you sure it hasn’t cost you anything?

The answer to that question relies on two things:

How much do you value your time?


How much do you value your business image?

1. How much you value your time.

As a business person there are many things that you are capable of, but you may choose not to do, by employing someone, or outsourcing: book keeping, telephone marketing, purchasing, mending the dodgy door handle or cleaning the office. None of these probably are beyond you, but as a business owner your skill-set is far better put to use elsewhere, and you leave trusted, qualified people to carry out these activities on your behalf.

2. How much you value your business image.

As I say previously, we now live in a digital age, and how we do business has changed. Good local reputation is a good thing, and something to be valued, but nowadays online presence is the “be all and end all” and visual marketing of all types, including print. Words on a page, or on screen, will give your potential customer the detailed information on which to base their buying decisions, but well placed images will draw the eye and retain their interest and encourage them to read on. What do those pictures say about you and your business? Are they relevant? Do they have impact? Do they represent the corporate image that you wish to display? Are the images large enough to show detail to to your clients, and yet small enough not to overload your web hosting?

These are all things that may cost you in the long run, can you afford not to outsource your commercial photography?

If you do value those things, then we need to talk. I can be your trusted partner for Images with Impact. Images crafted with care, with attention to detail, that will celebrate your business.

Stock photography is good but how much more valuable would it be to have a set of photographs showing off your business doing what it does best? YOUR employees, operating YOUR machines, serving YOUR clients … could it get any better?

Commercial Photography CAN Work For YOU …. find out more HERE

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