Digital Marketing for car service centre

Digital Marketing Package For Local Northampton Business

Digital Marketing For Successful Recovery is a concept I have been promoting throughout lockdown. I firmly believe that during these hard times there is real benefit in using this time productively to ensure success when things start to return to normal, as they certainly will.

This concept is of course slightly selfish, as it is in my interest to be kept busy in hard times, but it is totally mutually beneficial. Your requirement for digital content is bourne from a need to market your business, and my business is to make sure that I produce effective material that is successful for you.

And thankfully I was not alone, as a long standing local business was going through the very same thought process – a need for a brand “refresh”, and a tired formulaic website that was costing them a small fortune every month that wasn’t working very hard for them.

That’s where Perry at PI Brand Solutions came in – a new brand and a new website, which was right up his street – and how I became involved, as he required strong, dynamic digital content.

The conversation with Perry started off very much as a conversation about commercial photography, and the production of a set of bespoke images as content for the new website and social media campaigns before and after the launch. But I do have some new toys to play with, some new services to offer a “complete digital marketing package”, and so the conversation soon came around to 3D virtual tours and aerial photography & videography.

We soon the put the idea of aerial photos to bed, as my CAA permission was not quite complete at that point (it is now!), the flight area was fraught in terms of risk and pivacy issues, and I really did not think that aerial imaging was going to add any value to this project.

However … we both got very excited about the thought of adding a Matterport 3D virtual tour to the package. After a little web research it did seem that Combined Motors would in all likelihood be the first car service station in Northampton to have a virtual tour (I haven’t found another yet) and it would add a whole new level of engagement for the website visitors. It would enable them to walk around, see the customer facilities and the workshop itself, and we were able to add an educational elemnt in the form of a “Virtual MOT Test”. The customer was also very excited by this, and signed into the concept completely.

The one thing that comes out of this project for me though, is the general atmosphere of positivity and optimism. We were still in a quite heavy lockdown when this project started, but Combined Motors had been working throughout, in a limited capacity of course, they had furloughed some staff, but still they recognised the commercial need for a “change for the better”.

See the finished website at https://combinedmotors.co.uk/ and take a look at their virtual tour and “Virtual MOT Test” below.

It was great to witness this level of persistence locally and to be included in it. It was good for me personally and professionally at a difficult time and has forged for me a strong local digital marketing collaboration. long may it continue …

If your business would benefit from a digital content overhaul, or you are a marketing expert, or web designer and want to forge new collaborations … call Jon now directly on 07778 113113

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