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I promise, I won’t use the “C-Word” …

In this period of unprecedented insecurity our events and hospitality industries are being hit hard in this current crisis. As an event photographer of course, this has a knock-on effect, so we are all now feeling the effects. With work disappearing or being postponed for all of us it is time to work together, give something back when we can, pay it forward, and make preparations for that time when this all comes to an end. Because then we will be busy, and we all need to be ready.

Before all this kicked off, I had made some serious investments to increase my portfolio of photographic services to Clients, tools and equipment that would enable Prophoto Services to offer an enhanced and comprehensive collection of visual marketing products to a wider range of clients. One of which was the addition of ImageMap360 Virtual Tours.

With my ImageMap360 service I can produce a very powerful, platform based, 360° virtual 3D model of any physical “space”. Whether it be domestic or commercial property for sale, a shop, pub or restaurant, or significantly a venue or event space. Depending on the size of the space a complete scan could take 2 to 3 hours for a house or average small business, to a full day for a larger venue, and perhaps even 2 or 3 days for complex sites. The images taken are then “stitched” together by AI and presented as a virtual model. These interactive models can then be embedded within a webpage and become part of the website itself.

You will see from the example here of a local hair salon, that the model allows the website visitor the chance to “walk around” within the property or the business, to get a true sense of the scale and the layout of the rooms or spaces. “Tags”, or interactive points of interest can be added to help guide the viewer around the space, adding menus or price lists if required for example. As the capture process includes a 99% accurate infra-red depth scan, there is an in-app measurement tool that enables your visitors to measure doors, windows, openings, ceiling heights etc without even visiting the site.

With such a powerful tool, the sheer variety of applications within diverse industries you might see why I was so excited to introduce this service, and I’m sure also you’ll understand my disappointment as we so suddenly plunge into this World crisis. We all know that this situation is not forever, we are hurting right now, but there will be an end, and we all need to be ready for that.

So, I need your help.

I want to do something locally that pays it forward, that is mutually beneficial fellow victims of the sudden and enforced slowdown. I want, in some small way to ensure that this industry is ready for the busy and hectic time that will of course come.

I need your recommendations please, for a Northamptonshire venue or event space, that may have been hit hard under the current or expected restrictions. I want to offer one lucky business a full ImageMap360 Virtual Tour and six months hosting … FREE OF CHARGE.

There will be no charge for the scan and the creation of the 360° virtual 3D model. As it is a cloud hosted platform, that model will be hosted for 6 months at no charge (£120 per annum thereafter to continue), and full exposure will be gained from the social media campaign that we will undertake.

Benefits For All

This will mean for that chosen business a saving of anywhere up from £350 and one more tool in the box (and a very powerful interactive tool at that) for their marketing campaigns to aid recovery from the current crisis.

For me? Well I get a warm fuzzy feeling of course, but it also provides me with further marketing for my exciting new venture, and material for continued social media campaigns that will actually be of benefit to both of us.

All nominations will be gratefully received, and the lucky recipient will be selected from your recommendations.

The offer is of course subject to any movement restrictions and availability of any nominated venues, so please make your nominations quickly before we enter into any potential lockdown situation.

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