Induction & Training Using Virtual Tours

Virtual Workplace Inductions

Induction for new starters, workplace familiarisation for existing staff, workplace health & safety training – location of fire exits and extinguishers, security procedures etc etc

How useful would it be for you to be introduce people to a new or unfamiliar environment remotely, in advance of any first visit or start date?

A 3D virtual tour from Prophoto Services powered by Matterport, will do just that, placing people virtually into any workplace or building, viewed on any browser from any location. These powerful tools can be annotated with instructions, advice and even videos to guide and and inform the viewer, making it a truly powerful, interactive experience.

The video here demonstrates how easy it is to explore your workplace on any browser on any device – a truly valuable tool for any business that wants new starters to feel welcome and at home from day one and to help maintain familiarity with different workplaces for exiting personnel.

Take a look around the example tours below for yourself, and then give me a call to discuss how I can help with your induction and training tools …


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Imagine this tour with a welcome message from your MD or People Services Team, perhaps with a description of how to present their fob to get in through the gate.

Then imagine how a new starter will then know how to get to their office, where the loos are, where to get lunch … before they’ve even started.

Take a look around this tour, see the “Virtual MOT Test” and how that guides the viewer through the process.

Imagine how this could be used for health & safety training or workplace inductions.

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