Training & Education

Educate • Showcase • Demonstrate

Are You In The Business Of:

  • Building, construction or renovation of industrial spaces?
  • Installation or maintenance of plant or machinery?
  • Owning and operating industrial plant or machinery?

Would you benefit from a training & education tool that enables:

  • Enhanced, immersive training for new users?
  • Interactive Health & Safety training for new equipment?
  • Presentation of your showcase installations to prospective clients?


Each 3D Virtual Tour exists in the cloud as a “virtual twin” of your space and enables the viewers to explore the space and the equipment fully, virtually and remotely – from any desktop computer, mobile device or VR headset.


Interactive tags within the virtual tour that allow the addition of multi-media content that can further enhance the user experience:

Text & Links

Add a textual reference that offers guidance or instructions on a piece of equipment, or add links to further training, guidance or advice – an operations manual for example.

Images & PDFs

Add images that might illustrate a more detailed view, or an alternative view of the piece of equipment or it’s operation. Or add a PDF of a user guide or training notes to supplement the user’s knowledge.


Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video that assists the viewer to understand the area or piece of machinery better. It could be an instructional video, a talking guide, or perhaps simply a video of the machine in operation.

Contact Jon Farmer in the first instance to diuscuss your needs for immersive and interactive training or demonstration tools.


01604 419112



More details on 3D services from Prophoto Services can be found at the 3D Virtual Tours Page

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