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Relaxed Family Portraits

The People That You Love

In A Place That You Love

Your Own Purity Centrepiece

Timeless, Elegant, Heritage Frame

Personalised Purity Folio

Natural Family Portraits


Stress and worry free.

Eliminate tears and tantrums.

No more “bad hair” worries.

No bitter aftertaste!

Relaxed Family Portraits

For every family there is a place that is special. Somewhere that you all know and love, somewhere that you will all feel at ease. It is somewhere like this, away from the constraints of a studios four walls and banks of lights, that I want you to share with me.

No stress, no tears, just a completely relaxed family portrait session for you and those that you love.

True Character

The aim is to uncover the very essence of your family. Being happy and relaxed is the very best start, from that point on I am completely playing it by ear, seeing how it pans out. Given time and the best environment the magic will happen and we’ll capture some great images.

No sulks, no grumps, just a great outing with the family.

Quality & Transparency

As with everything I do for my clients, no corners are cut for the sake of margin. There is no compromise on quality, I want every product to give enjoyment, not only to this generation, but to the next … and the next thereafter.

It is where my legacy becomes part of yours, recording a moment in time that will one day be part of your treasured family history.

Quality family portraits without the bitter aftertaste!

Find out what I mean about a bitter aftertaste HERE

The Purity Centrepiece

This 30inch wall piece makes an impressive centrepiece, with one Kodak printed picture or up to five, it’s double laser cut mount and quality heritage frame, this makes a lasting impression on any room of the house.

The Purity Folio

Compact and petite, but packed from cover to cover with the images from your family portrait session. The Purity Folio is a 6″ x 6″ leather bound album, with the highest quality photographic lay flat pages.

Who knows what the future holds for jpegs, USB and optical discs so this is a beautiful addition to your day that will ensure years of enjoyment, far beyond the demise of these technologies.

And we all know that flicking the pages of a book gives so much more pleasure.

What Does It All Cost?

The Shoot – £350

Your session will probably last around 2-3 hours. Maybe more, maybe less, it depends on how much fun we’re having!

Included in your session:


  • Your very own Purity Folio.
  • Online web viewing gallery.

Your Very Own Purity Centrepiece – £300

Heritage frame in black or ivory. Use one of your images, or up to 5 or 6.
(Size approx 20″x30″ ~ 30″x30″, varies)

Supplementary Sidepieces

(Same Heritage frame, single picture)

20″x16″    –    £220
16″x12″    –    £190

Canvas Prints – From £72.50


Disc of All Images – £175

Duplicate Folios – £150 each

Desk Frames and Gifts – £50-£100

(smaller frames and glacier blocks)

Sets Of Greetings Cards – From £75

(personalised Christmas cards etc)


Need something a little more bespoke?

Speak to me. Lets see if I can tailor something suitable.

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