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July 2020 – Desborough, nr Kettering, Northants.

Press Photography commissions for PR assignments are usually short affairs, generally covered within the hour on-site. Most will be relatively short notice and will often have a tight deadline as copy needs to go out to the media.

This press photography job came to me via a Media & PR agency in the North of England. They were producing a piece for the media involving a local tech entrepreneur and assigned me to capture some images to go along with the piece. “Entrepreneurial rather than too corporate” was the brief.

The rather unique thing about this shoot was the location – I was to meet this tech entrepreneur at his “passion business”, a car restoration garage and workshop.

Now, that presented a slight issue … motor workshops tend to not to exude “entrepreneurial” atmosphere, and the office that Martyn used on the first floor mezzanine was a challenge, but we cleared the decks and ensured that I lit the scene with sufficient power to produce a few modern and punchy “entrepreneurial rather than too corporate” images. However with only one position to shoot from there was little variation in these images, and I needed to provide the client with some variety, and I could tell Martyn was not so comfortable with these posed shots. That is where Martyns “passion business” came in, and we found out a little more about the man.

We moved downstairs to the workshop of Martyn’s restoration business, and we started talking about a very special car, – his very precious TR6 that was mid restoration. It was during these moments that we discovered the passion of our subject who relaxed immediately and we added a good selection of images to the mix that added some real insight into the man behind the story.

Press photography appearing in the national media.
Press Photography - Tech Entrepreneur
Press Photography
PR & Press Photography

Please head to the Express website to see the finished article.

If you are a media or PR professional in the process of preparing a press release then be sure to give me a call on 01604 419112 or email: jon@prophotoservices.co.uk , as I would love to provide you with some suitably striking, contextual and insightful images.

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“When looking for corporate & event photography you don’t need a host of photographic cliches, or an ego the size of a small planet. You simply need high quality, skillfully created images from a hardworking photographer.”

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