Professional Portraits

This one’s me!!

Corporate Portraits or “Headshots”


I have had a small “flurry” of corporate portrait requests of late so here are just a couple that I wanted to combine as one “project”.


Some were produced for the usual profile pictures in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but others formed part of “Meet The Team” style webpages or for brochures. I even managed to fit in a self-portrait as my profile picture was beginning to look a little “tired”.

So many of my clients say “I hate having my picture taken”, but once we get into it, get the awkwardness out of the way and we all start to relax, it becomes much easier for all.

However it does go further than profile pictures …



Sometimes it is not just about profile pictures for social media, particularly if you are trading as an individual you may need images that say a little bit more about you.

Jo Moir of FD Confidential assists board members with financial support. She needed some images for this new venture, for websites and other media. She needed to communicate professionalism, confidentiality, ability – tough, with a gentle side; a trustworthy, capable, corporate shoulder to lean on.

So we have started to put together a collection of images to try and sum this up, but not forgetting Jo’s cheeky side, that’s part of her, so its important.

I asked Jon to spend half a day and do some shots for my website. Being a fickle woman, I haven’t used them because I’ve changed my hair colour, but the point is..Jon was brilliant! He understood my brand, the look I wanted even if some of it was a bit quirky! (Let me office chair in a field!). Jon is calm, funny and understanding. And he takes superb shots. Highly recommended..and I’ll be using him again!

Jo Moir

FD Confidential

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