PR Photography - Don't Just Announce .... Shout!!

PR Photography

When you have an announcement to make, something to boast about, perhaps something to thank your personnel for, you need PR Photography with punch to really drive the message home. Good news is often thin on the ground but when you do have some make sure you shout about it, don’t keep it to yourself.

York, Ward & Rowlatt, WellingboroughTake my recent assignment with a local Vauxhall Dealership in Wellingborough – York, Ward & Rowlatt, they called me in as they required some PR photography. They had recently been awarded a national Customer Excellence Award and executives from GM HQ were coming down to present the certificate to Nick Hughes, the Retail Operator at the dealership. Photographs were needed for announcements to be made locally and on the web, as the company were very proud of their achievement.

PR ImagesThe presentation itself was important to cover, but Nick was well aware that this achievement was one of the whole team at the dealership, and that recognition of this was important with the photographs that were taken. So that is why on a (luckily) sunny morning in February, we had cars moved from the forecourt and all the staff assembled for a group presentation.

PR Photographs

Communication and PRBut this job was also an illustration of how good photographs can further inspire. Once Nick had seen the success of the photographs he wanted to make an even bigger statement, so a framed picture was commissioned to commemorate the event and all staff were issued with a copy of the group photograph to remember their achievement.

If you too have something to shout about, find out more about my PR Photography HERE.


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