Putting the Fun into Family Portraits

Putting the Fun into Family Portraits

My latest commission for family portraits.

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Hollowell family as part of a 65th birthday present. The brief was simple – a portrait of all 7 grandchildren together, so it was my job to inject some fun and a contemporary feel.

There were challenges.  First we had to get everybody relaxed, so the first half of the shoot did not produce much, but that is to be expected – call it “acceptable wasteage”. Once everybody was relaxed though, and the imagination started to flow, we all started to have some fun. The next challenge was the age gap – teenagers to toddlers – which is a twofold problem. There is the physical size difference which means careful posing is required to overcome this, and then there is the difference in attention span – younger kids get bored very easily, but there’s no point getting frustrated. Tears and red eyes don’t make good photos so it should all be on their terms, what they are willing to do.

So in the end we had a fine bunch of images that needed the very highest quality, contemporary product to show them off. So, enter stage left the Acrylic Multi Panel Float. Each image is professionally printed and bonded behind a sheet of high gloss acrylic. These individual panels are mounted, “standing off”, onto a larger sheet of high gloss black acrylic with a beveled edge. This results in a very contemporary, unique and completely bespoke product that shows the images off to their very best. A very satisfying product to create and a fine product to hang on any wall.

For more details, visit my Lifestyle and Family Photography page.


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December 9, 2012

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