Rewards Again for York Ward & Rowlatt


Wellingborough, February 2014

I love it when clients come back for more!


And more to the point, I love it when clients have repeat success and want to share it all over again. That’s how it was with York Ward & Rowlatt this year after they won the Customer Service Award for second year running, and wanted photographs to celebrate the news.

YWR_17Feb2014_014I like jobs like this, it keeps my life fresh and interesting, I get to keep up with how local businesses are doing and what achievements are being made. For publicity work like this, I keep things brief and simple. I get to the heart of the matter, find out what is important and make sure the images say what is needed to be said. Tie that with reasonable hourly rates, this represents good value and makes good business, as quality Images with Impact will help to tell a story by capturing the reader and drawing them in.

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