Behind The Camera

“So what does it mean, to be a photographer?”

Well come and join me in my blog and see what I have been up to of late, I will tell you about my latest assignments and hopefully give you an insight into my photography. With such a varied portfolio of work covering commercial and private commissions, from weddings to equestrian events, from corporate headshots to fieldsports photography, my approach is always the same with the focus on my clients requirements.


“Meeting requirements – exceeding expectations.”

Commercial Photography: The Cost of DIY

We live a new digital age, great quality consumer digital cameras are so easily accessible nowadays that sometimes it is easy to think "I can do that". As a business owner I guess you probably have access to the backend of your website, so taking and uploading your...

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Project Artisan #1: John Turner, Petals & Paste

If you were to meet John Turner, you would never guess what he creates, but when you see it you find it hard to believe. He's been a butcher, he's been a joiner and he's even driven trucks amongst other things. All are perfectly believable and unsurprising, but when...

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“Unleashed” Dog Portraits, not just pictures of dogs.

How often do you see dog portraits advertised? And yet, just see pictures of dogs?   Lets for a minute, replace the word "dog' with "person". When are the most interesting portraits of people shot full length, standing upright and from 3 feet above their heads?...

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The Story Behind The Photograph #2: Children

  What is it they say? Never work with children or animals? You know how it is with children, they behave brilliantly all day, they are a joy to be around when they are happy, but then the moment the camera comes out ... all hell breaks loose!! Well, that's kind...

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4th May 2014: Kiantay’s Blessing, Wellingborough URC

4th MAY 2014 Images from Kiantay's Blessing at the Wellingborough United Reform Church, and afterwards at Club Diana on Finedon Road, Wellingborough, can be found at the following location: Kiantay's Web Gallery For the password please contact Natalie personally, or...

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The Story Behind The Photograph #1

"Mother & Son" I was in Brittany, France back in 2009. I had not been to France for many years so it was a voyage of discovery for me. The one thing that struck me was the number of beautiful, and often ancient, Roman Catholic churches there were and the...

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20th November 2013: Firewalking, Newport Pagnell

Firewalking at the Red House public house in Newport Pagnell, in aid of FUN (Families United Network). Through the dark, the rain and the smoke your pictures are ready (to varying levels of success!) and  have been loaded to the gallery at:...

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Remembrance: What will you do at work today?

It's that time of year again, and whilst I was thinking of what I should write about to kickstart the blog once again, there was only one thing it could be today - Remembrance. I have read much in the press this year regarding Remembrance; obviously there have been...

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Not Forgetting Quality and Service

Has the internet robbed us of the desire for quality and service? Are we too obsessed with the search for a bargain? We are all guilty of it, myself included at times. The ease and immediacy of the World Wide Web, makes it far too simple for us to trawl endlessly in...

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Towcester Pet Event, 13th April 2013

Calling all pet owners in and around Towcester!! There is going to be a Pet Event on Saturday 13th April at the Countrywide Store in Towcester. There will be much happening in store including - dog health checks by the PDSA, dog grooming and microchipping, sponsored...

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