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The Story Behind The Picture #4 - Vinales

Cuba 2016, on a day trip to the Vinales Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We were told of a viewpoint that would give us the most fantastic view of the unique rock formations that make up this corner of Cuba's tobacco growing region, west of Havana. We were not quite prepared for the sight that would unfold as we arrived at Hotel Los Jazmines.

It was, quite simply, breathtaking.

And there was a story that accompanied this view. It may well be a tall story, well rehearsed and refined for tourists over the years, but I like it. For me, the story is true, and will remain so.

There was a Cuban artist who entered a landscape painting competition on the US mainland. He painted an amazing landscape, a mass of green, rugged rocky pinnacles surrounded by plantations with bananas, mangos and pineapples, against a backdrop of a looming mountains. He won, and on presentation of the award the judge remarked on the painting and the clearly vivid imagination that the artist must possess to conjur up such a landscape.

The artist simply said: "No imagination required, I can take you there ..."

From a technical point of view:

3 images were combined to make the panorama using Adobe Lightroom's "stitch" feature, and perspective control corrected for the varying camera angle.

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