Virtual Site Visits

Virtual Site Visits have not been part of everyday “normal”, but we are living through changing and challenging times, and many businesses will be looking at what they considered “normal” and re-evaluating. With our networking and business meetings moving online is it time to look at all the other activities that a) we are unable to do whilst in lockdown, and b) the activities that, going forward, we may be able to continue conducting online in the interest of cost saving and our carbon footprints.

“But can we conduct our site visits online … ?”

Of course we can, and my ImageMap360 service can help you do just that. A virtual site visit can ensure your site visits and inspections can continue despite any existing restrictions on travel and social distancing during these turbulent times. But looking beyond that into the future, as the World changes it’s view on everything, conducting virtual site visits will reduce your environmental impact, reduce your costs and save your stakeholders time and energy.

Virtual Site Visit of an industrial site

(View this sample for yourself at the Matterport website)

Benefits To Your Business

Social Distancing

  • Continued site visits during lockdown restrictions.
  • Limit national & international travel.
  • Limit close personal contact.


  • Fewer visitors travelling to site.
  • Lower carbon impact.

Cost Saving

  • Less travel to site, fewer expenses.
  • Less impact on site productivity.
  • Less travel time for key stakeholders.


So if your business carries out the following:

  • Site condition and build progress inspections.
  • Demonstrations of your previous showcase installations.
  • New build commissioning and customer demonstrations.

We are only just starting to discover the possibilities this new technology has to offer, and the applications that it can be applied to. So let’s discuss how virtual site visits can benefit your business going forward into this new world …

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Virtual Site Visits with a 3D Tour
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