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Virtual Venue Tour For Local Events Business

Paying It Forward with a Virtual Venue Tour …


When we first went into lockdown, it was clear to me that I needed to “get busy, getting ready”. Not wallow in pity that all of my usual work had completely ceased, but to start preparing the business for recovery. Because we all knew that lockdown would end at some point, and I decided that I needed to be ready to hit the ground running.

And that is when it occurred to me that I could help another business “get ready” too. Perhaps a business in a similar boat to me, hungry to prepare, a business where our futures post-lockdown are sort of entwined.

The Offer

So way back when, at the start of all this, I made an offer … and asked for nominations of local businesses connected with the events and hospitality industries that would be worthy recipients of a brand new 360 degree 3D Virtual Venue Tour … completely FREE OF CHARGE.

The nominations came in and the lucky winner I’m pleased to say was Brampton Grange Wedding & Conference Centre … and late last week I went in and shot a complete Venue 360 covering their venue and the stunning house too.

(Rest assurred … I work alone, in empty rooms, so I was completely “Covid Secure”.)

The Shoot

Being a venue “of two halves”, with a deal of seperation, the job was completed as two individual tours. Which actually helps as that fits better with the layout of the website.

The Wedding & Conference Venue was a simple shoot to complete, big rooms, wide spaces, a simple capture from start to finish on that one.

Brampton Grange House was slightly more tricky to shoot – more complex and compact rooms, the temperature rising by the minute, 3 floors to shoot … it did become a little uncomfortable! But easy to forgive such a beautiful house though.

3D Virtual Venue Model

The Result …

Brampton Grange will very soon have a fully interactive 3D virtual tour of their Wedding & Conference Centre and the beautiful Georgian property that is Brampton Grange House.

They will be able to embed those models directly inot their website, or share them individually as showcases for the property.

They will receive a collection of HDR hi res images taken directly from within the tours itself, and these images can be put to good use on their website and in marketing material.

Prospective clients will be able to explore the facilities at their leisure, start to visualise their own wedding or event there, and start their journey with Brampton Grange in a more informed way.

And me? Well, I have been able to shoot a stunning venue, blow the cobwebs off and begin to feel what it likes to get out there and work for clients … and importantly I can enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when you help someone out.

Here’s to #2020Reboot … bring it on …

For those interested in their own tour, please visit my 3D Virtual Tour page for more details …

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