agricultural photography

The Appropriate Perspective

Agricultural Photography By Drone

There are few subject matters that are truly enhanced and celebrated by aerial photography by drone … but agricultural photography is most definitely one of those.


Drones these days are over-used. They are of course the “new thing”, it looks a bit cool, but quite often the images don’t tell you anything different from images captured at ground level … that extra height does not “add any value” to the message.

But for work that is carried out, and for machinery that is used in the wide open landscape cries out for a different viewpoint – the viewpoint that tells the viewer SO much more about the subject. Aerial photography immediately adds context, scale and drama. It allows the viewer a privileged view; one that they would never see in the normal humdrum of everyday life, sweeping through the lanes with a/c on, and Jeremy Vine on the radio …

If you need to get a different perspective on the work that you do, or you are in need of “out of the ordinary” agricultural images …
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