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A high quality image draws the eye, and tells a story in it’s own right. This is incredibly important when you consider what a visual world we live in. A PR or publicity story in the press or a publication will need a high quality image to attract the reader. High quality images are vital in websites as a catchy image will draw the reader into the text and engage them for longer as is the same for any promotional literature or leaflets.

I offer commercial photography services to the East Midlands area surrounding Northampton – Milton Keynes, Leicester, Rutland, Peterborough, Cambridge and Bedford. From the simplest PR or publicity event, to a day long product or corporate shoot, I can respond promptly within this area and provide you with top quality images within 48 hours.

For your flexibility I do offer an hourly rate and inclusive mileage within the first 50 miles from my base at Northampton.


What’s that you ask?


Why do YOU need a professional for your Commercial Photography?

_1JF6888Commercial Photography for Social Profile Enhancements

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook … we are all online and interacting with potential clients and collaborators.

How is your profile picture looking? As much as we’d like to deny it this picture is quite often your potential clients first impression of you and your business. What does yours say about you?

Profile pictures or “headshots”, I like to to call them Corporate Portraits. They are never rushed, they can be taken at your place or mine, wherever you are most relaxed and able to let the real You shine through.

_D7N9313Commercial Photography for Building Websites

Good quality pictures on websites will draw the viewer into the text and will engage them for longer whilst they are there. That gives you more time to get your message across to the viewer in a more memorable way.

Many people today use stock photography, which is quick and easy, yet still quite dear if you need to use a number of images. The thing to remember though is that it’s not YOUR business in those pictures. How much better would it be to have your business in your pictures? YOUR staff and YOUR products or services?

Now that in itself makes great business sense don’t you think?

Alchemists_13May2014_001Commercial Photography for Creatives

Are you a Creative like me? A craftsman? A tradesman?

If so you will need to be able to show your very best work, presented at its very best to your potential clients. You will need pictures that will make your work jump off the page or screen, to display your skills and craftsmanship for the world to see.

_D7N4520Commercial Photography for Publicity Images

Are You?

Opening a shop? Launching a product? Receiving an award? Giving to the community? Making an announcement?

For all of these things you will probably be producing publicity of some type, whether it be a press release for a local or national newspaper or an internal publication or magazine. High quality images will make your announcement “pop” and really help to get that all important message across.

And the beauty is that for these such events I offer an hourly rate, to make it really cost effective.

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