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The Old Savoy, “Home of The Deco Theatre”
Abington Square Northampton

Commissioned August 2022

Shot over 3 or 4 visits to fit in around existing venue commitments and bookings, and around redecoration works. The job was commissioned to replace an existing Google tour of a few years ago, as since then the theatre has regained some of the original space from previous tenants, returning the venue to it’s former self.

The new tour needed to showcase the regained front entrance as most in Northampton would only know the side entrance for the theatre, which is now the accessible entrance only. We needed to highlight the extensive function rooms and exhibition space, the brand new Bar 36 cocktail bar and garden terrace.

The tour also needed to “celebrate the space” and give everybody the opportunity to explore it at their leisure and perhaps bring back memories from the dim and distant past as it has served the people of Northampton for decades.

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